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This is our flagship product: a complete protocol suite for LoRa-based applications. LoRaTM is a new technology for low-power wide area network connectivity, which makes it possible to wirelessly connect thousand of sensors distributed over an area a few kilometers with a single gateway. Long range, low power consumption, low cost, and an extremely wide variety of end devices that already support this wireless interface make LoRa an extremely attractive solution for IoT services. Patavina NetSuite brings this vision into reality by implementing the whole protocol stack required for interacting with the LoRa-based devices. Patavina NetSuite, indeed, entails a number of software modules that support all the required functionalities of a LoRa system, from the management of the radio aspects of the end-devices, to the collection, storage, processing and visualization of the collected data. The modular nature of Patavina NetSuite furthermore, makes it possible to customize the software platform according to the specific requirements of the target application, making it possible to access peripheral data through a standard MQTT interface, or via webserver.


It has been our first product. Based on the Internet of things and 6LoWPAN protocol suite, it is a portable software suite we are licensing to different customers. We are as well helping our customers to design and produce the hardware, including plastic enclosures and actual installations, on top of which the aforementioned software suite runs.

This product is an 802.15.4-based system for environmental monitoring for small-medium buildings that features sensors for temperature, humidity, luminosity, atmospheric pressure, motion, and air quality (CO & CO2). The system collects data from the different sensors deployed in the area and provides alerts in case some parameter exceeds given thresholds. Furthermore, Scenthing makes it possible to remotely and automatically activate some actuators (e.g., fire sprinklers, lights, alarm sirens, heating/cooler systems, and so on) if certain combinations of events are detected. All collected data are stored in a database and directly accessible through a web interface.

Patavina Technologies Resource Abstraction Layer. PT-RAL is a Wi-Fi module that can be remotely programmed via HTTP REST APIs. Both the application logic and all hardware peripherals are represented as web entities, which can be interacted with according to the REST paradigm. The system enables the development of new local and distributed applications, and the data protection of each new resource through authentication.