Patavina Technologies is a system and software design house. Patavina Technologies is a spinoff of the Department of Information Engineering of the University of Padova (Italy). As a matter of fact, the founders and managers of the company, Lorenzo Vangelista (CEO) and Michele Zorzi (CFO), are Professors at the University of Padova.
The founders’ backgrounds complement each other: Prof. Vangelista returned to academia after extensive industrial experience (including working in start-ups and being a manager of Infineon Technologies), whereas Prof. Zorzi has had a distinguished academic and research career. Patavina Technologies is very active in the area of communications software for Internet of Things, and has implemented several innovative solutions.


Innovation and creativity. This is our mantra, irrespective of whether we develop customized products for very specific applications, or we implement standards promoted by international alliances and standardization bodies. There is always space for innovation, and there we work. In particular, our design is characterized by compactness, low power, and portability, which make our software products “green”, because they save resources (energy, memory, bandwidth, processing) and portable.


Innovation is at the core of our business. For this reason, we are interested in cutting-edge technologies and standards and actively involved in the development of many of them. In particular, we participate to the IEEE 802.11 standardization group, and are members of the LoRa Alliance (focused on LoRaTM), the AllSeen Alliance (focused on WiFi). Furthermore, we collaborate with a number of other companies and organizations, to develop turnkey services and products in the Internet of Things domain, included the following:
SemTech, which provides the LoRaTM chipsets for wireless connectivity of sensor nodes
SAP, which can integrate our LoRaTM architecture into its IoT management framework (Sap-HANA).


We value people. The foundation of the company is a dedicated, friendly, honest and respectful team of experts, committed to Innovation and Reliability, who are fully devoted to the development of our business, from the product design and development to customer service. The energy and enthusiasm of our young professionals are canalized by the solid expertise of the executive board to create an agile company, capable of delivering reliable software and systems, according to internationally recognized standards, with a flavour of original and creative implementation.


The keywords for Patavina Technologies are People Innovation Reliability Systems and Standards. We always strive for keeping our engine, i.e., our team of people, at the top level: we work with pleasure and we work hard, we take full responsibility down to the individual level and we share this responsibility. There are different roles in our team but respect of the individual is transversal: we do not and will not discriminate in employment and personnel practices on the basis of race, sex, age, handicap, religion, national origin or any other basis. We look for enthusiastic people, who love technical and team work. If you have these characteristics, and you are looking for a working experience that will make you grow your technical skills and professional background, don’t hesitate to contact us!