We are an agile company with strong expertise in the design and development of Software and systems for telecommunications. Our products can be applied in a number of different and timely scenarios: Smart City, Smart Houses/Buildings, Smart metering


Imagine a city where you each single lamppost is remotely monitored and malfunctions are automatically signalled to the maintenance team, which will be promptly activated, reducing repairing time and costs, or where the power consumption of each single electric socket in a public building is automatically profiled to identify the less efficient devices and reduce the overall electricity consumption, or where the level and force of the water flow in the rivers are continuously monitored to get a real-time vision of the hydrological condition of the area and to prevent the risk of flooding or early react in case of danger. These are only few examples of the way we can help you making your city smarter!


Houses are more and more modern and full of home automation gadgets… but do we really need our fridge talk with the toaster? Or the oven discuss with the dishwasher? Well, you never know, but our guess is that the dialogue would not be that interesting or useful. Instead, if our air conditioner and heater could talk with the window shutters, the dehumidifier, and the air fan, well, in this case, they could collaborate to make our living environment more comfortable, while reducing the overall energy consumption or cost. This is what we do in Patavina Technologies: designing solutions that can improve your life quality, both in your home… and in your pocket!


Checking consumptions of water, electricity, gas is difficult, both for the utility provider and the consumer. The first needs to set up services for self-reading of the meters, and have personnel going house by house to read, take down, and report the numbers of thousand of meters spread over the city. In case of leakage, break, or interruption of the wires or pipes, furthermore, it may take weeks before the problem is reported, and days to fix it. The customer, on the other hand, may wish to check how much water, electricity or gas is consumed in the house during a day, or a week, or a month. But meters are typically located in the most unfortunate places, and taking note every hour of the numbers is not the best way to spend your time. Patavina Technologies can make life simpler by equipping any type of meter with an automatic reading system, which can deliver the readings wirelessly to the Internet, making it possible to track the consumption over time, computing the average consumption in different periods, and performing any type of operation you can think about.