Interview with Lorenzo Vangelista

    Lorenzo Vangelista, founder of Patavina Technologies, has been interviewed during the All Member Meeting in Rotterdam. Read more

  • Applications

    We are an agile company with strong expertise in the design and development of Software and systems for telecommunications. Our products can be applied in a number of different and timely scenarios: Smart City, Smart Houses/Buildings, Smart meteringRead more

  • Products & Services

    Patavina Netsuite: a complete protocol suite for LoRa-based applications;
    ThinkIP: based on the Internet of things and 6LoWPAN protocol suite;
    Scenthing: system for environmental monitoring for small-medium buildings. Read more

  • Portfolio

    Our systems have been applied in several innovative technological solutions. Some examples: ActIP, the new cloud-based Wireless Sensors and Actuators Networks management service and ThinkIP, Internet of things 6LoWPAN based protocol suite. Read more

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